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EFT by Skype

FIRST CLASS SERVICE - Specialising in therapeutic communication, my clients are amongst the most discerning in the world and demand the highest levels of attention and service.

Skype and Telephone EFT


Emotional Freedom Techniques Over the Phone & Skype

The Easiest way to get Professional and Guided Treatment with EFT
EFT by Telephone
Your Host: Dr. Michael G Millett
EFT by Skype

Dr. Michael G Millett was the first therapist to be using EFT in the UK with clients after it`s release in the USA in 1995.
He holds a Professional Fellowship with the Counselling and Psychotherapy Society (UK).
He is an Advanced Hypnotherapist and Supervisor, a Reiki & Seichim Master, an Energy Therapist and Trainer, a NLP Practitioner and a Life Purpose Coach.

Michael is also a Director of the Association of Meridian Therapies (The AMT).
The AMT was formed specifically to safeguard this extraordinary and emergent field from it's inception.
This includes keeping the definition of Meridian Energy Therapies wide open to include not only the currently developed which includes EFT and developing approaches, but to encompass future developments with structural ease, thus fostering an attitude of continuing growth, exploration and innovation. The AMT is the certifying body for the Certification Trainings in comprehensive Meridian Energy Therapies. With a fully structured, encompassing training programme which includes the Practitioner level, the Advanced Master Practitioner level and the Trainer's level, the AMT Certification Trainings are designed to familiarise with, and help develop towards excellence, the new practitioners of this revolutionary field.
The AMT Certification Trainings have no equal and are recognised around the World as being the most thorough and comprehensive training available in the MET`s.

Skype EFT UK - 0845 65 88 22 0 / 01476 568800
Ireland - Dublin [01] 443 4260
USA and Canada - New York [845] 360 4700
Australia and New Zealand - Sydney [02] 8003 4535

Large Scale Research on EFT [Important Findings To Date] - Read......

This easy to learn technique is used to address emotional, physical or spiritual issues combining affirmations to focus the mind and physical stimulation to alleviate unwanted:
*  anxiety
*  anger
*  grief
*  loss
*  fears
*  phobias
*  compulsions
*  cravings
*  effects of trauma
*  performance pressure in work, sport or study
*  other mental pressures or concerns

EFT can be applied to oneself and offered to friends or family members including children.

EFT requires no philosophical, religious or theoretical commitment.

EFT may be used with all other techniques.

Skills acquired in the telephone session(s) with me can be extended through Internet discussion groups and sites on the WWW or follow-up work with me if you wish and through "Advanced Patterns" of EFT or other MET`S (Meridian Energy Therapies) mentioned on the site.

EFT SkypeYou may be interested in Skype which is s free computer based phone and also video application to contact me through and works on most common kinds of computer and operating systems throughout the world.

It is very easy to use. Having Broadband / DSL is recommended, a microphone and speakers are necessary too of course.
In order to have quality audio, it would be wise to purchase a headset / microphone that plugs into your computer rather than relying on your computer's external speakers. The quality of the audio will of course also be affected by the quality of the headset / microphone that you purchase. Those that plug into the USB port on your computer probably offer better quality sound, as USB connections will not slow down the audio transmission from the internet to your computer (as some sound cards might).  Everything is encrypted by Skype before it is transmitted to the internet and then automatically decrypted by the receiving person's computer. In this way all communication is private and confidential and cannot be intercepted.

I will send you my Skype contact name once you are set up and notify me that you wish to use this particular free application instead of your regular phone for our session(s).   

To download the Free Skype software, click on Skype Download.  

Benefits Of EFT Telephone / Skype Audio Sessions with Dr. Michael Millett

  • It allows you to work with me from wherever you are located in the world with your own local telephone / regional call rates or through Skype which is free.
    Telephone work also gives a greater sense of anonymity.
    Telephone / video sessions can be pre-booked just like any other treatment.
  • Telephone / Skype sessions with me provide considerable savings in terms of time and cost of travelling and give you much greater flexibility in scheduling than do visits to me at my practice address in Grantham which may be impractical for you anyway. Also, many people find it of great benefit to schedule an EFT session in their own home rather than having to travel to another location and for that reason alone prefer them.  
  • With the right preparation, EFT is just as effective by phone as it is in person, indeed telephone sessions tend to improve concentration on the issue at hand.
    They often result in a greater focus than is possible in a practice / office setting where many visual distractions occur. Visual distractions of any kind are entirely absent in a session over the phone. Also, some clients prefer phone sessions generally because they feel that the intensity of rapport between themselves and their practitioner is greater when the EFT session is conducted over the phone.
  • The fact that the EFT session occurs in the client’s own home (or another familiar environment) can result in greater generalization of its effects to their everyday life. Often EFT seems to carry over into daily life more readily and they can see it work immediately after they have tapped on that issue in their own home.
  • EFT sessions over the phone or via Skype can allow EFT to be applied right on the spot or in the situation, something usually not possible when treatment is in a practice or office. I can use EFT with a client by having them carry their mobile / cell phone with them and talk to me under conditions which ordinarily would have caused them to panic or when the problem (traumatic memory, phobia, anxiety, panic attack, compulsion, addictive craving, etc) is happening.
    I have used telephone therapy for clients using their mobile / cell phones for such conditions as fear of driving, fear of flying, fear of heights and many other phobias, traumas and situations.
    I find it invaluable to be able to lead the client through EFT while they are actually in the feared or distressing circumstances.

How Are Phone / Skype Sessions Conducted?

You telephone me and the tapping is done while you hold the phone with one hand and tap with the other, or you may use a speakerphone or headphones.
Sometimes you might like to lie on a couch or bed with the phone propped up on your shoulder to do this, however clients rarely report difficulty tapping while talking on the phone. If they do, they put down the phone temporarily, and then resume talking to me after completing each round of EFT. I can also help you with the statements required and aid you in getting to the core issues.

Skype EFT Telephone / Skype sessions are usually either paid for by credit card / debit card from anywhere in the world at the time of the appointment over the phone or before it by PayPal using your credit or debit card from anywhere in the world in advance of the session. The following cards can be accepted by me personally over the phone and no-one else sees your details:
Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Switch, Maestro, Electron, Solo and JCB.
You may wish to state in your contact email / form how you wish to pay for your EFT Telephone Session with me, either by credit / debit card over the phone just before the session or by PayPal in advance of the session.

Telephone / Skype sessions cost similar to practice visits since they require the same investment of time and the same degree of expertise on my part.
See Details Below ~ " How To Book? ".


Don’t hesitate to try using the EFT by Telephone / Skype Service from this site.

If you are considering EFT telephone therapy, counselling or coaching with me but are not sure if it's for you, you may want to schedule one or two actual telephone half hour sessions with me first. Consider these "trial sessions" although you may well benefit from them at the same time. You are likely to be very surprised at how convenient and effective they are!

How To Book?

To request a booking for either an hour or half an hour EFT telephone session - contact me by going to one of the five regional options below to fill out the simple email form there. You can read further details and payment options for this service from there too.

Once I have received the email form back from you, I will send you the EFT Heart and Soul Protocol from Elevated Therapy International and the AMT by email.
You will learn the procedure very quickly and easily if you do not know it already.
You can take whatever time you need to achieve this, it is really easy to learn. This means that our phone session(s) can be devoted to helping you achieve your desired result, outcome and emotional freedom, rather than spending precious time explaining the procedure and where to tap or tab.

The cost of a session for one hour is £50 (50 GBP United Kingdom Pounds).
The cost of a session for half an hour is £30 (30 GBP United Kingdom Pounds).

Use the Currency Converter here to see what £30 or £50 is in your own currency. (The page will load in a small window / tab).

Regional Options and Relevant E-Forms - Press the Enter Button to continue...
United Kingdom 0845 65 88 22 0
01476 568800
or Skype
Skype EFT
Ireland / Eire [01] 443 4260
or Skype
Telephone EFT
USA and Canada [845] 360 4700
or Skype
Phone EFT
Australia and New Zealand [02] 8002 4535
or Skype
Skype EFT
All Other Countries 044-1476-568800
or Skype
EFT by Phone

Confidentiality Policy and Disclaimer

Confidentiality: Dr. Millett is happy to promise that he will keep confidential anything that clients reveal to him. As a psychotherapist, he has an obligation to keep communications confidential. However, it is generally recognised that there is a limit to this confidentiality: He may be obliged to breach confidentiality if you reveal anything indicating that you are involved in harming yourself or someone else especially a child, so that the appropriate authorities can be informed.
This is a standard ethical code.

Disclaimer: No claim is made to cure any medical condition. While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it must still be considered to be in the experimental stage and thus practitioners and the public must take complete responsibility for their use of it.
Dr. Millett is not a medical doctor and offers EFT as a Complementary Therapist.
If in doubt consult a Medical Physician.

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