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IN 2005

This page was formerly put up to publish Michael`s follow-up comments [see below] to Olivias`s session and the subject of Past Life Therapy which wasn`t published in the original REAL magazine feature. This page has now been archived and truncated.


Stepping into Michael`s treatment room, I feel like I`m entering a temple to the soul. Soothing instrumental music plays as I stroke his black cat Merlin. Michael explains that regression is a form of guided meditation: `The client does the work; I guide them on a journey`. But how do I know that whatever I come up with is a real past life, not just my imagination? According to Michael, it may well be the case that I create stories from my subconscious mind rather than actually recalling a past life, but either way, the experience will shed light on my current life and my desire for a stronger sense of self and inner strength.

After talking me through how to relax my mind and body. Michael guides me into hypnosis by counting down numbers; I am taking an imaginary stroll through beautiful gardens. I feel a deep sense of peace. Next, I walk through some mist across a bridge into my past life. `What do you see?`. Michael asks me. I am not seeing or hearing anything, and not sure I am even in the past. `Look down at your feet`, Michael suggests. I imagine I`m wearing simple sandals and a red velvet cloak. I visualise a wind-swept Celtic scene with trees and wet foliage, but I don`t actually see anything. Rather, pictures form in my mind`s eye, and when Michael asks me to look around, I realise I am in medieval Scotland. I`m a 40-year-old medicine woman who heals with herbs. I`m on my way to the laird`s castle where my friend (who I recognise from my current life) works as a nursemaid. On my way through the vast estate, I pass through a village and visit the peasants, trying to ease their ailments with my herbs. I am a strong, confident, peaceful woman - just like I want to be in my life today! 

Michael then leads me into an isolated cottage in a wild setting, where I live with my four-year-old daughter.  We`re happy together, but I miss my husband, who has gone away for years to find work. Michael rewinds my life to the day my husband left and, as I say goodbye to him, I am overcome with sadness and burst into real tears! Michael has to soothe me and tell me to breathe until the crying passes. Then we fast-forward to the last day of my life. I am 60, and in Lithuania, where I eventually moved after my husband found work there. I slip away on my deathbed, thinking how happy my days in Scotland had been.

At times during the hypnotism, I feel that my body has been paralysed and have forced myself to fight against losing control. 

Later, Michael tells me I am extraordinarily susceptible to hypnosis. I `wake up` convinced that I imagined the life (the red velvet gown reminds me of my mother`s dressing gown which my sister wore when she was Lady Macbeth in the school play, and Lithuania is where my family emigrated from a century ago). But even if it was an invention of my subconscious, it was unforgettably meaningful to me. The rural Scottish healer was my vision of a more fulfilled me, connecting me to that identity I had told Michael was lacking in my real life.  

Michael`s Comments: 

It was a pleasure meeting and working with Olivia and welcoming REAL Magazine to my work and Elevated Therapy International. It must be said that it is in no way necessary to believe in past lives to undergo a regression process. What is uncovered in past life regression can be difficult to prove sometimes as being genuinely past life memories. Of course it could be a number of other impressions that have been given by spirit or the subconscious mind. 

I wonder how much more fulfilled generally in life or stronger Olivia might feel now after our access / process? Or what changes she was able to make in her life since?

During a session, I act like a guide who facilitates the hypnotic process, so a simple way of putting it is to call it "guided meditation" within that concept. It is actually a natural state of mind and induced normally in everyday living much more often than it is induced artificially. Every time we become engrossed in a novel or a motion picture, we are in a natural hypnotic trance. You may experience a past life which really took place... or you may create a metaphor for your current life situation.... or you may connect into what Carl Jung called "the collective unconscious" or symbolic expressions of your inner psyche or create `soul drama` and imagine what it was like living in another time... it really doesn't matter... as long as the therapy itself helps resolve current issues... helping you to experience more JOY in your current life! This is when Past Life Regression becomes Present Life Healing.  

The experience you have is a valid expression of your subconscious mind and deserves to be heard and released, no matter where it comes from! Many people expect that they’re going to see their past life vividly, in great detail. This isn't always the case, especially when experiencing their first regression. It is a skill and like all skills, improves with practice! Some clients find they have clear impressions of events, while others may find that they only have vague feelings. Past Life information comes through in a number of ways -- physical sensations, hearing what people are saying around you, just knowing something intuitively all of a sudden. For some people, some of the flashbacks during regression have an extreme clarity and leave so many people with little doubt that they are real. People interested in doing this work should keep an open-mind and discover this invaluable experience just like Olivia did where she found it `unforgettably meaningful` to her. You too should consider opening doors and learning lessons that can only be obtained if you allow such miracles into your life. If Past Life / Other Life work calls you, don’t resist it. Take a leap! 

 Past Life Regression Hypnotherapy Nottingham  Olivia Gordon.
Feature Writer with REAL Magazine in the UK

"Stepping into Michael`s treatment room, I feel like I`m entering a temple to the soul".

"It was unforgettably meaningful to me". 

Past Life Regression Nottingham

Dr. Michael G Millett

Past Life Therapy Nottingham
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