Many are now being initiated into Reiki energy to learn to attune to this important universal healing force.
Another of these important energies is the Mahatma energy, also known as the Avatar of Synthesis.

This Mahatma energy which means `great soul` is a group consciousness which contains twelve rays. This energy is accessible to everyone without exception. Therefore, it is available to you if you wish to meditate and invoke it.

The Mahatma energy is golden white in colour and when we call it in, it flows through our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies through our physical aura, and then into the Earth. Using this energy is the most effective way of balancing and re-energising our glands. Our glands keep us youthful and sexually alive, keep out immune system healthy and our metabolism balanced.

It can be invoked up to three times a day and we can ask it to help us with personal problems. We can mentally direct it to anything that needs resolving. 
We can send it to others for healing. Use prayer, meditation, visualisation and affirmation to invoke the Mahatma energy.

Do call on it regularly and tell everyone all about it. Below is a simple way to invite the Mahatma energy into your life.



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  • 1) Relax.
  • 2) Invoke the Mahatma energy.
  • 3) Sense or imagine the golden white ray coming down from the heavens into your Crown Chakra. Ask it to relax, balance, energise, and heal your pineal gland. You can visualise the gland as a small ball or in any way that is appropriate for you. Sense it being held and soothed in the Mahatma energy.
  • 4) Move down to your Third Eye and flood the pituitary gland with Mahatma energy. Tell the pituitary gland to send out only rejuvenating hormones, which heal and replenish you.
  • 5) Move down to the Throat Chakra and sense the thyroid gland being soothed and healed by this wonderful energy.
  • 6) Repeat in the Heart Centre with the thymus gland.
  • 7) Repeat in the Solar Plexus Chakra with the pancreas.
  • 8) Repeat in the Sacral Centre with the testes or ovaries.
  • 9) Repeat in the Root Chakra with the adrenals.
  • 10) Let the golden white Mahatma energy flow down your legs into the Earth, filling the Earth with spiritual energy.
  • 11) Send it to everyone who needs it.
  • 12) Close your Chakras.
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