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  • Saying mantras is a marvellous way to raise your light levels. Mantras are holy words or expressions which, when thought, spoken aloud or chanted, draw great light to us and build a spiritual force. Music, toning and mantras have specific vibrations. When we tone, play some types of music or chant certain mantras, a pattern or symbol is created. Each is a key to opening the mind and body to cosmic enlightenment.

  • It is interesting to note that when the final chord of Handel`s `Messiah` is played through a tonoscope, it produces on a screen a perfect five-pointed star.

  • Mantras form precise geometric patterns. Therefore, a mantra is a golden key to the Divine (Source), assisting access to higher awareness.

  • Imagery and visual meditation has been proven to speed up healing, reduce pain and combat stress, anxiety and other forms of distress and tension. Visual meditation works well for people who find it more difficult to focus on a mantra or a particular topic. Imagery is the most fundamental language we have as everything we do is processed through the mind as an image. Unfortunately,  many of the images that are always popping into our heads can often be so negative and damaging to our whole system, altering our physiology making us much more at risk of suffering from various ailments. Sadly, the most common type of imagery is worry and negative visualization.

  • Please sit comfortably in front of your computer, kick off your shoes if you wish and watch the videos with your earphones on for an amazing "elevated" experience and close your eyes too if you want. You can also press on the links further down the page to see some very well known and powerful mantras and meditations which you can use too, courtesy of Elevated Therapy International ®.
  • Beannacht libh.

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