LIGHT Meditation

Light Meditation

Breathe deeply, breathe very deeply.
As you do this beautiful exercise, think only on this
- that you breathe in the very substance of Light and Love itself!

As you breathe, visualise this Light/Love essence going inside your body,
into all the darkened chambers, the hiding places - within all the organs, the rib cage, the lungs and the heart.

See your body fill with Light as though you are walking through a beautiful palace
- switching on the light switch in every room and passageway and flooding everything in Light.

See the brilliance of this Light and meditate on this.
Direct this God/Light essence toward the wounds of yesterday.
See the pain as darkness vanishing into the Light or being consumed by it, knowing that you shall be free.

Forgive those you feel did this to you.
Know that they simply brought you this as a lesson for your growth.
Forgive your belief in unworthiness and release it from yourself.
Repeat this meditation until your heart realises and believes you are love and beauty and nothing else.

Light Meditation


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