Tree Meditation

Tree Meditation

Using the tree as your security symbol (use to connect with your guides or angels).
You can either sit at a real tree, or visualise a tree. It works either way.

1. See yourself facing the tree and putting your arms around the trunk to greet it,
but also, to reassure yourself that it is indeed a strong and firm leaning post that can support your weight.

2. Sit with your back to the trunk and let yourself be supported by the tree.
(You can sit against a wall and visualise it as the tree trunk if I you do this inside)

3. Identify with the tree, imagine roots coming from your legs and the bottom of your spine (tail bone) to descend deep into Mother Earth. These roots are your connection to the earth, they will help ground you and bring nourishment to you.

4. Imagine now, branches reaching up into the sky from your shoulders, and from the top of your head, reaching up and becoming one with time and space, to the Cosmic Father. (Father Sky).
Draw from the air, energy, purity and light down into your body to connect you with the Source.

5. Breathe deeply, in and out, deep, slow breaths. In and out. Breathe in whatever you need right now.... love, affection, acceptance, understanding, compassion or anything else that you need.
Feel it enter through your nose and mouth, through the breath and spread to every cell and nerve of your body.

6. Breathe from both sources... the cosmos and the earth... you may specify what you want to be given. Allow all negativity to leave your body.
Breathe out any anger, resentment, upset, disappointment or anything else which is lodged in your body now... let it all just slip away.

7. When you feel grounded. You can ask your guide to show themself/itself to you.
It may come to you in any form.
Pay attention. It could be energy, an animal, a human, an angel, a symbol or anything else.
It may even be a mythological animal such as a unicorn, dragon, or minotaur.

8. Wait, if they don't show themselves immediately it may be because they are not in physical form, or you are not ready or prepared to meet them yet.
Instead, focus on any messages you may be receiving.
Trust your intuition. There is always a purpose to this meditation, even if it's not to meet your guide.

9. Breathe deeply and allow energy to flow easily through your body. When your guide approaches you, introduce yourself. (even though they know who you are)...
You may ask their name, get to know them.
This is a learning experience, and an introductory period. Be open to whatever you receive.

10. After a while, you may like to ask them a question,
or they may have a message for you. Or there may be nothing. It could just be a "getting to know you" session and that`s fine too.

11. When you are ready to leave, thank them for being there. Accept whatever you are given, and ask them to be present with you whenever you need them. (Angels in particular like to be asked.... they need to be asked, that is how they enter and help us).
You may ask them to help you with something in particular, like a healing, or finding a job, or studying for an exam, or moving on in your life.
The options are boundless, and they're only too happy to help.

12. Now, feel yourself coming back to your body. Pull up your roots from the earth, thanking Mother Earth for her grounding and nourishment, and pull back your branches from the sky, thanking also the Cosmic Father.
Breathe deeply, and slowly and start to become aware of your surroundings..... the ground you sit on, the feel of the bark/wall against your back and your whole body, the smells, sounds and temperature around you.

13. Breathe deeply and open your eyes, becoming more aware of your surroundings and slowly stretch your limbs and body to come back to outer reality.

At this point I recommend that you write down any messages or experiences you may have had/received. Just in case you forget them and to make comparisons with further times you do this.

Tree Meditation


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