Chakra Guardian Meditation

Chakra Guardian Meditation

Meet the aspects and elements of your inner self.

A meditation process for meeting your chakras as beings or as the Guardian animal that is most realised in each one.

Then you can have conversations in meditation circles with them to find ways to meet your needs and understand and harmonise your life energies.

This will give you a more direct way of clearing and balancing your chakras and achieving and maintaining a healthy energy system.

If you do not get an impression from a chakra after a few minutes move on to the next one.

It may be fairly unusual to meet all the chakra beings in one session though it can happen.
Some chakras may have two beings or more for the front and back aspects and other parts of themselves.

The kind of animal you might meet varies greatly. It could be a swan, bear, snake, temple dancer, elk, lion, angel, - anything!

First relax completely and visualise waves of relaxation sweeping through your body.
Use the method of deep relaxation and spiritual centring that works best for you.

When you are completly relaxed bring your attention to your Root Chakra at your tailbone.
Ask that chakra to reveal itself as the guardian totem animal that is most representative of it at this time.
Be open to receive impressions. When you get an impression, greet the being and thank them for coming into your awareness and their work on your behalf. Ask them what they need from you and also ask what gift or information they have for you now - allowing time for the answers to come. When you have finished meeting your root chakra animal, thank them.
Move your focus to the Sacral Chakra, below your naval and repeat the process and continue with each of the seven chakras until you have gone to all the main Chakras and met `Them`.
If you do not meet them all that is alright for now.
You can then invite the guardian totem animals into a Circle to discuss the needs and concerns you have.
Ask each animal what you need to do to get your chakra into the most healthy condition and ask them to help you do this.
Pay close attention to the relationships between the different chakra animals and ask what is needed to help and harmonise their working together.
Some people find that not all their parts are talking to each other for instance.
When you are done, dissolve the circle and thank the beings and centre yourself, returning to your oneness.
This is just the beginning of working with the Chakra guardians and beings.
The possabilities are endless. Your chakra animals change and evolve over time and you may hear from those at minor chakra centres and from the emerging transpersonal centres like the etheric heart at the thymus (compassion) and the soulstar and earthstar too that need your attention and love as well.
It can be pretty extraordinary and revealing to see how the different chakras have a voice and a personality and a presence all of their own which are all part of you.

Original work Copyrighted to Peggy L Jentoft 1996

Chakra Guardian Meditation


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