Candle Meditation

Candle meditation

In a quiet room take a candle and light it. It can be any colour but I would suggest a blue or a white one.
Look deep into the flame and focus on it.
Don't let your eyes become fuzzy. Your mind will then become filled with thoughts, everyday concerns and trivial information.
Work, odd jobs you need to do, family etc.
After a while these will just drift away.
In a while, you'll start receiving images and thoughts that don't belong to you. These are from your guides. You have to interpret these.
They can be symbolic. An example of this is being given an onion with the skin peeled off. It may not make much sense at first, but it could mean as you get further along on your path, the layers are peeled away until you get to the core of it.
The layers that had been peeled off could symbolise the layers or stages you are going through.
Learn to trust your own intuition. With this meditation it acts as a way of focusing concentration.
Eventually build up from 5 minutes a day to about 20 minutes. Do this over months.
Your eyes need to adapt to the light which they will.
Over time, you will distinguish what thoughts are your own and what are your guides.
Then in daily life you will receive messages you know are from them.

Candle Meditation


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