Human Development Cycles Within the Chakras

Human Development Cycles Within the Chakras

Human Development Cycles Within the Chakras

Everything in our universe is subject to rhythms and cycles. Fixed Cycle and Rhythmic Laws can be seen everywhere.
A certain sequence of events or stages is always maintained as in nature, in the coming and going of the seasons and the movement of the planets.
Human beings are also governed by these rhythms and cycles and our development also takes place according to special mental and spiritual sequence or cycles.
Certain stages of development can only be realised to an optimal degree when carried out at specific phases of life.
That is why sometimes people `miss out` because certain experiences were not gained or skills not developed when they were at the right age for them.

Human cycles occur every seven years. Different times are marked by different qualities.
At certain times in life, we are open to certain influences and experiences and it is appropriate to undertake specific steps in our development.
We also pass through a chakra every seven years, beginning with the Root Chakra, and so on and the characteristics of the chakra stage we are in becomes the base theme of our lives for the seven-year period.
Furthermore, this seven-year period is divided up again into seven one-year periods, each corresponding to one of the seven chakras beginning with the
Root Chakra.
After five seven-year periods we have more or less reached the middle of our lives, and therefore after seven such sequences we have completed an entire cycle.

From the age of 50, we start again but this time from a `higher level` of development.
People who reach the age of 98 have completed their second cycle of development.
Each year a new theme awaits us, and every seven years a new base theme.
Knowledge of the significance and purpose of each chakra can help us utilise every single year in a manner helpful for our growth and development.
This also helps us to understand others more and our children and can aid us in attending to their needs and the stimulation they need at the right time.
It is also true to say that a change takes place on a physical level every seven years.
It is a biological fact that out bodies renew themselves every seven years.

With renewed body cells biologically speaking - we are a completely new person.
Therefore, if you find there is no change in you on the psychic plane, the reason is that your astral body is still burdened with the patterns that existed at the beginning of the time segment.
You may accept such laws as being real or not - either way, you will not affect the universal forces governing these laws.
It is up to you whether you apply this knowledge or not.
We all have free will and thought, nevertheless we do live within the framework of certain laws.

Human Development Cycles Within the Chakras


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Quite alot of us are not `in touch` with our inner sense. This part of  us which infallibly knows what is best for us. 
When we be are `out of  touch` with our inner sense - the result is disharmony, which starts on the subtle levels of the body -"the energy body". Then later if this is not addressed, it manifests as illness or dis-ease in the physical body.
I think this book is very good for explaining the laws relating to the energy body (subtle body) and it`s system of energy vortices,
"The Chakra System". 

I work with the Chakra System alot with clients in balancing mind, body and spirit. This book is a great addition to anyones`s collection as it
offers ways of re-tuning and balancing the Chakras and bringing a healing harmony in your energy body which you can learn to do on your
own on lots of levels. The colour illustrations are wonderful too!
Liz has included a range of techniques and help in this book for this purpose. Many of them I use regularly in my practice. 
I particularly enjoyed her use of crystals, essential oils, ritual and visualisation as well to bring the book right up to date with Chakra Healing.

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