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Seven Structured Individual Sessions For You To Create Your Future.

Each session costs £70 and the duration is about one and a half hours.

A very warm welcome particularly to visitors, management, staff and readers from Thames Valley & South East Executive Magazine here in the United Kingdom.

This is a programme The Secret of Living your Life that I have personally developed to free you to develop new ways of thinking, loving and living and being exactly who you are.

  • Stop getting what you get and start getting what you want.

    Find your Life`s Passion and begin the future of your dreams.

    Get motivated and get back your passion for living.

    Know the key to making the right decisions in life.

    Modify your thinking and develop a plan.

    Discover what is really of value to you.

    Find a specific direction.

    Learn a method of connecting goals that really works.

    How to get in contact with the life of your dreams.

    Recognise the action needed to turn your dreams into reality.

    Create a compelling future.

  • * This course is created with methods determined and supported through the principles of NLP, neuro-biology and metaphysics.

  • Session One

    Determine your Motivation Direction.

    Determine the Motivation Direction of others and use this information to improve their productivity.

    Discover your important values.

  • Session Two

    Deeper work on Motivation and developing yours.

    Discovering your priorities.

    Connect with your goals.

    Start to develop well-formed Goal Conditions.

  • Session Three

    Planning for your Goals.

    Taking action.


  • Session Four

    NLP Time Line Session work.

    Talking about and discussing Rapport and Relationships.

  • Session Five

    Developing yourself.

    Finding your Life`s Passion.

    Re-examining your deepest values and principles.

    Developing your purpose in life and your identity as a person.

  • Session Six

    Discussing `Abundance` and Spiritual Law.


    Hypnosis for confidence (session work).

  • Session Seven

    An overview.

    Developing and doing what you love.

    Discovering and processing any `blocks`.

    You need this information NOW

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