Colour Therapy Hypnotherapy and Hypnosis in Nottingham, Grantham, Newark, Retford, Lincoln, Stamford, Leicester, Derby and Peterborough

Hypnotherapy: Nottingham, Grantham, Newark, Lincoln

Colour Therapy in Nottingham, Grantham, Lincoln

Hypnotherapy Nottingham, Grantham, Lincoln, Newark, Stamford

Hypnotherapy: Nottingham, Lincoln, Grantham, Stamford
Using Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy in Nottingham, Lincoln, Derby, Leicester, Grantham, Newark, Stamford, Oakham and Peterborough

Colour Therapy Nottingham

Colour Therapy with HypnosisI sometimes use Colour Therapy in Hypnosis which is an effortless system of treatment that can help with illness, pain and tiredness; help you to look and feel younger, and enable you to meet life with energy, vigour and vitality by experiencing the colours as they enter your body with each breath.
Visualising yourself bathed in the colours you need to resonate with or experiencing a light that surrounds and enters your body.
Whatever way you need to see it healing you. I work with the colour or combinations you require and direct them to the specific chakra or chakras and rebalance the chakras. Our brain governs our healing process in our body through it`s seven centres (The Chakra System) where each chakra controls a separate endocrine gland and it is so important to keep our chakra system healthy.

The proper stimulation of these centres or chakras is necessary for optimum health and longevity and this can be helped through Colour Therapy in Hypnosis and Chakra Balancing.

This way of working can help you to enter a phase in your life: to become well and stay well. Colour Therapy in Hypnosis is totally complementary to any conventional forms of medical treatment that you may be receiving at present or which you may have obtained in the past, so there will be no conflict between this treatment and your Doctor`s advice. Indeed, it is important to continue any traditional medical treatment that you are undergoing. 
Colour Therapy through Hypnosis with me will form an adjunct to this. 
I work a lot with chakras and colour and understand colour or what mixture of colours is needed for a certain patient with a certain illness or issue. 
Each colour and colour combination has its own vibration and I make it compatible with the patient`s vibration and chakras - expert assessment must be made.

As well as being very distinctive visually, each colour has its own feeling and taste. So while one colour would be a good treatment for one patient it may cause problems for another. Over exposure to certain colours may result in side effects, so colour therapy must be used wisely.

Colour comes from pure light. The clear light that holds all colours is the brilliance from the sun. So colour transcends the solid form.
It is a glimpse into the infinite. The human body requires light to maintain itself. Our bodies produce vitamin D - necessary to make our bones and teeth strong and healthy as a result of exposure to this sunlight. Plants also need heat and light to aid in their photosynthesis, without which they cannot survive. 
Unfortunately, we don`t get enough light or colour in our lives. We all know that many regions of the world are now experiencing a reduction in quality sunlight due to industrial, chemical and volcanic pollution. 
And many of us also spend a significant amount of time indoors, so it is very unlikely that we are getting the required amount of light for good health even though illness might not have manifested.
Also because our chakra system is governed by both chemical and electrical impulses it's not difficult to see that not only reduced sunlight, air and water pollution but also electrical pollution - output from our millions of power lines, radio and television signals, radar, satellites etc etc - barraging our bodies ceaselessly never giving us a change to recover from the damage.

It could be said that the state of our health is related directly to these seven chakras and their corresponding endocrine glands. As our environment continues to deteriorate, our bodies' defense systems are being taxed like never before. Even our exposure to low level diseases, our habitual overuse of antibiotics, and mass-produced food has left our natural immune system virtually unprotected. 
However, we can help ourselves by taking responsibility for the healing of our own bodies. A major step in healing is learning to live in balance and harmony by discovering our body's own natural cycle of rebuilding through our chakra system and colour therapy.

Each chakra has it`s own colour and each colour has many meanings. We also have our own colours and combinations. 
Colour will always bring you back into balance - it is the energy of permanent healing. It is the great corrective by having impact on well-being. 
When you absorb a colour vibration it travels, via the nervous system, to the part of the body that needs it. 
Each body has its own optimum state of well-being and is constantly seeking ways to maintain or restore a balanced state. 
Utilising colour, is one way you can help yourself to harmony!

Through Hypnosis and utilising the Chakra System , I use colour or combinations of colours where you directly experience the intelligence that speaks through colour as a vibration in the body. It must be said, you will always manifest physically results from your environment or that which you are not looking at or resolving unconsciously. 
For all illness and ailments, there is an underlying negative mental and emotional attitude or environmental factor. 
These negative thought patterns or energies will produce problems in time and you will experience dis-ease in your life because of them.

Copyright Dr. Michael G Millett (London & Grantham)

Colour Therapy Newark

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(Astrology and Colour Healing)
  • (Aries) - Red.
  • (Taurus) - Yellow.
  • (Gemini) - Violet.
  • (Cancer) - Green.
  • (Leo) - Gold.
  • (Virgo) - Purple.
  • (Libra) - Yellow.
  • (Scorpio) - Deep Red.
  • (Sagittarius) - Deep Clear Blue.
  • (Capricorn) - Black and White.
  • (Aquarius) - Blue with Silver Lights.
  • (Pisces) - Soft Azure.

    (The Planets and Colour Healing)

  • (Sun)--Gold, Bright Yellow.
  • (Moon)--Silver.
  • (Mercury)--Yellow, Orange.
  • (Venus)--Blue, Blue-Green.
  • (Earth)--Lavender-Blue.
  • (Mars)--Red.
  • (Jupiter)--Purple, Violet.
  • (Saturn)--Olive Green.
  • (Uranus)--Electric Blue, Pale Green, Citrine.
  • (Neptune)--Dark Blue, Indigo, Grays, Green.
  • (Pluto)--Yellow, Pale Green, Navy Blue.

    Hypnotherapy: Nottingham, Grantham, Newark, Lincoln
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