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How nice it would be to feel balanced and in alignment. To be in touch with our spirit, essence, inner wisdom or the Magic within - our Higher Self.
We've all experienced a moment of unexpected, yet penetrating insight and in that moment we fully realised our humanity lies beyond the boundaries of our body.
This state of `super charge` is like having all our "channels" open so that all messages - especially those we can't see or hear - are received.
And ultimately, it is discovering the power of our own thought and using it to create the life we want. We do create our own reality. "How is it we create our own reality?" The order of the universe is the consistency of the Law of Attraction. It isn't about some old and wise and omnipresent being making the decisions for us.
We all have free will - our own free will. It's instead, a Law that is so consistent and precise that everything that vibrates in harmony with everything else comes together and those who understand it and get it balanced - thrive.
Their inner and outer worlds are aligned. The Law of Attraction simply states, like attracts like. Everything imaginable vibrates, including our thoughts and attracts that which is like itself under any and all conditions. The Law is the organising force, the designer of our three dimensional reality (outer world).
This Law is what directs the electron. It is what makes the choice between all possible events.
The way things come together or move apart under the Law is by virtue of its vibration. Things that are similar vibrate similarly.
Therefore they are attracting each other. They add unto each other, and for a time, vibrate virtually identical frequencies until conditions change.

Every thought we think has its own vibrational frequency. Creation is about attraction. Whatever it is that we are looking at or talking about or thinking about, 
whatever it is that has our attention, has got us offering a vibrational signal - and that vibrational signal is our point of attraction.
The entire universe is responding to our signal. Sometimes the words we use sound positive but the vibration within is negative. 
There is no congruence between the two. These inner and outer worlds need to be balanced and congruent. Most people want to be loved from a place of not feeling loved. The feeling of not being loved is a contradictory signal to the desire for love. 
When our thoughts and feelings vibrationally match our desire, our energy is purely aligned. The manifestation must take place because there is little or no opposition to it. Creation and `being alive` is about creating a vibration within us, and then the Law of Attraction takes care of the rest. 
This is the bridge between psychology and spiritual practice that can transform our lives. 

We all possess a natural and precise measuring tool - our `emotional body` which is always accurate and never failing, to assist us in knowing, how we are directing our vibrational signal - how we feel.. Our emotions are the connecting link between our inner world and our outer world. 
The reason this broader aspect of ourself communicates to us in terms of emotion is because it is virtually impossible to transmit a thought and receive a thought simultaneously, but we can offer a thought and receive a feeling response relative to that thought concurrently. 
This system was divinely designed so that the impulses we feel in terms of negative or positive emotion is to assist us in knowing which thoughts contradict our true desires. Positive emotion always means we are a vibrational match to our desire and the attraction is in process and being implemented. 
Negative emotion always means we are in the process of attracting something we don't want. 

There is no law of Exclusion there is only Law of Attraction. So every time we try to exclude something we don't want we only set forth the attraction like a magnet.
Our inner self knows this and gives us negative emotion to alert us that we are including in our vibration something that is contradictory to our desire, and that's what keeps us from giving the pure signal that would bring us rapidly, to a full manifestation of our desires. 
If we have negative emotion and we are not heeding the guidance from within, our problem, by Law of Attraction will only get bigger. 
And if we still ignore it, the condition will continue to get worse until it gets so big we are forced to make a different choice.

My work helps you to realise your former limitations, to catch the negative emotion as it's happening in the earlier stages, so you can redirect your attention towards what you want which serves to maintain the vibrational alignment towards its manifestation. So why not make changes occur in the structure of your reality by rediscovering your inner wisdom and power? Break through your fears, blockages and limitations and let go of the past. 
Grow through love and joy, rather than pain and struggle. Clarify your personal and global visions.
Listen to the `whispers` from within. Make your dreams come true and awaken to the magic and wonder of this incredible journey that we call life.

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