Rebirthing in Nottingham

Rebirthing in Nottingham

Re-birthing in Nottingham

Rebirthing is a method of healing and combining simple breathing and relaxation with a new understanding of the power of thought. It works on the principle that there is a close connection between emotional, mental and physical well-being and the way in which we breathe.
So, liberating the body from pain, fear and disease can begin with liberating the breath. Rebirthing works on three levels: Body, Mind and Spirit.
I work with people usually in about ten two hour sessions at weekly intervals.
The length and frequency of the sessions can of course vary. Many people will continue for longer than ten sessions, and since Rebirthing is ultimately a self-help technique, once you feel confident and comfortable with it, then it's a skill that's yours forever.

On the physical (Body) level, Rebirthing is conscious, connected breathing. By connecting the inhale with exhale whilst in a relaxed state (circular breathing), you will learn to breathe freely and fully, healing old, inhibited patterns of breathing and opening the way to a deep sense of well-being brought about by the release of accumulated tensions which takes place during the Rebirthing session. 
This release may at first feel strong or dramatic, or it may happen very calmly.

Every person and each session is different, but nearly everyone who "breathes" for between one and two hours experiences a deep sense of calmness and completeness. For many people, birth is a shocking and traumatic and sometimes violent event which is followed by years of mishandling during childhood by parents whose own experiences were just the same. If the umbilical cord is cut before it has stopped pulsating and particularly before the baby has begun it's own independent breathing, the baby is forced to gasp for air in a terrifying and painful way. 
If he or she is allowed to begin breathing in his or her own time whilst still connected to the mother via the cord, his or her lungs will fill slowly and become gradually accustomed to the new element,(Air), the new activity of breathing, and the new experience of being separate and independent from the mother.

For many of us therefore, the experience of Birth can become associated with pain, fear and discomfort and manifests in our general life where we tend to hold our breath when anxious or upset. If early experiences are unpleasant, we grow to fear new experience and become attached to the past, or "stuck".
These fearful experiences are stored in the body tissue as well as the mind. The breathing cycle allows these hurtful memories to be felt and the associated tension and pattern of holding on begins to loosen. This process, known as "letting go", is central to Rebirthing philosophy, making a new start without fear - the opposite of holding on (to pain and fear). 
At the second level, the Mind, we draw conclusions about the world as babies that become part of our belief system. 
So a baby born into a natural environment and handled with loving care will know from the beginning that all is well with him or her and his or her world.
But many of us know deep down that all is not well. 
Impressions grow into thoughts, deeply rooted and often unconscious. The Rebirthing process allows them to surface into awareness, perhaps painfully at first, although this is certainly not always the case. Once we begin to understand how "the child within us" still feels, we can express those feelings within the safety of the sessions, look at our thoughts and choose to change them. They have less power over us.

In the sessions, I use positive, life-affirming statements. Much of the work is about looking at your beliefs - those early impressions - and choosing new ones that break the grip of fear and self-limitation. Allowing a greater sense of self-worth to emerge. 
It is possible to stop blaming and decide to forgive, and, in fact, working on forgiveness is central to the process. 
Letting go of our anger and resentments is much easier in a spirit of forgiveness and acceptance.

In time we feel less confused, less of a helpless victim (child) and more powerful, in better control of our lives knowing we have techniques to help us gain in maturity, wisdom, and the ultimate goal of peace of mind. It is about finding within yourself that essential sense of security and belonging that has been missing. Third we look at the Spirit. During breathing sessions people often experience a state of intense peace and serenity. 
Sometimes it is described as a "pre-natal" feeling, perhaps the only time we felt truly at peace for any length of time. 
These experiences in Rebirthing nourish our spirit, awakening our capacity for joy, and we feel connected with everything nuturing a oneness with all things.
The process creates a balance and integration between Body, Mind and Spirit.

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Rebirthing in Nottingham

Rebirthing Nottingham


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