Simple Exercise for Replenishing Energy and Healing by Kyriacos C. Markides

Meditation for Replenishing Energy and Healing

...Close your eyes and sit in a comfortable upright position...Begin to breathe deeply and comfortably. Breathe easily and deeply. Concentrate on your breathing. Nothing else attracts your attention. Visualise yourself inside a white irradiance. As you breathe in feel every particle of your body. Every particle is breathing in energy. See your body breathing energy. Feel it. As you inhale, you inhale white light. As you exhale, you exhale whatever impurities there may me on your aura. You inhale white light. With every breath your aura becomes whiter and whiter. Deep and comfortable breathing. Feel your entire body breathing. You are not only breathing from your lungs and nostrils. You are breathing from every particle and cell of your body. ...White light enters into every particle of your material body...Wish good health to your present personality. Wish for full health to your gross material body, to your sentiments and to your thoughts. You are becoming whiter and whiter. With every exhalation you let go of any impurities that stain your whiteness. You feel this energy penetrating you, it revitalises you. It is life-giving etheric energy. Deep and comfortable breathing. ...As you see yourself...becoming whiter and whiter, notice that this room is filled with light. We are all inside this luminous sphere. White light permeates the room, and we are all inside it. We are all white, and this whiteness merges with everybody else's whiteness. ...Extend your hands forward...Your hands rest on your knees and face upward. Visualise now two balls of light, one on your left hand and the other on your right hand. They both have a diameter of approximately six inches. Two white balls of light. Feel the warmth of these balls of light. You can feel the vibration in your hands. As you breathe in energy, this energy now is transmitted to these two balls of light. Feel their weight. You can feel them in your hands. They have acquired concreteness. Give them more energy. ...Now visualise the ball in your right hand gradually moving out of your hand, very slowly, and see it moving in the direction of somebody you love and you want healed from some ailment. See this ball of light moving in the direction of that person. This ball of light eventually goes and lands on the head of that person. See this ball of light now gradually moving downward and filling the entire body of that person. Wish for full health for that person. Visualise that person radiating white light, good energy, full of health. ...Concentrate now on the ball you have left in your hand...Feel it in your hand. As your left hand holds this ball of light move it upward toward your heart and visualise this light entering inside you, spreading throughout your body. Visualise yourself in full health, in your body, in your thoughts, in your feelings. Visualise that you have only healthy thoughts, only loving feelings and that your gross material body is in full health. ...With a few more breaths...come out of your meditation, at your own pace.

Meditation for Replenishing Energy and Healing



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