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Children and Teenagers are catered for too at 

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Children`s Hypnosis in Grantham

Hypnotherapy with Children in Grantham
Fast and effective therapeutic help for children and teenagers in
Grantham, Newark, Stamford, Nottingham, Lincoln and Peterborough.
Established in London in 1995 and now in the East Midlands

Dr. Michael G Millett always employs age-appropriate techniques in his work.

Everyone would like to consider childhood as a carefree time, full of happiness, love and laughter.
However the reality is that many children face similar difficulties, and challenges in every day life as their parents and other adults, the difference for children is that they do not have the experience nor wisdom of the years to make sense of their feelings.
Children and teenagers are often overwhelmed with feelings and emotions that they simply don't understand, or where they don't have the coping mechanisms in place yet.

They also face a growing number of pressures, problems and demands that can adversely affect their motivation, sense of self-esteem and ability, and these can be helped through therapy and particularly hypnotherapy with
Dr. Michael G Millett at Elevated Therapy International in Grantham, Nottingham, Derby, Newark, Lincoln, London, Leicester, Stamford and Peterborough and throughout the East Midlands. 

Hypnosis can be looked upon as a state of concentrated and focused attention, directed inward that is very similar to daydreaming. It allows access to the highly suggestible unconscious by quieting or bypassing the conscious mind. 
The rational processes of the conscious mind are suspended while the mind itself is occupied by deeper and more significant feelings and images. 

Children do not fully develop cognitive processes until they reach the age of 11 or 12. 
Until that age information is uncritically experienced by the child rather than being processed and critically evaluated. 

In fact, children do not worry about the same theories and facts about the world and how things should be and in 
Dr. Michael`s experience they do go into trance much easier than adults do and really wonderful things can be created for them.
They respond easily to stories that create images of the desired results and these stories are often used too as a way to teach life skills and lessons

Michael uses a variety of techniques with children including visualization, stories, the `Blowaway` Technique, `Rehearsal` Technique, the `Magic Television`, `Pantomine` Technique, puppets and role-playing and more.

Michael says: "Children have such wonderful imaginations and such a strong belief in and fascination of magic and that skill can help them in the work.
Their focus is very fluid and they can move in and out of trance states in a very natural and relaxed way". 

Most of Dr. Michael`s work with children is done using their imagination. 
Imagination is the doorway between the conscious and unconscious levels of the mind, using fantasy to change or avoid unpleasant situations, invent the future, change the past etc.

It is important however that the child wants to come and recognises that they have a problem that they want to solve. Hypnotherapy and other altered-state methods of therapy are about empowering the child to help themselves, so that they can deal effectively not only with the present but also with any problems in the future. 

Children aged 6 or older respond best to the treatment.
As in any therapy, it is important for parents to know what is going on. But in the actual session the parent is either relaxing and waiting in the
background in the comfortable reception room adjacent to Michael`s therapy room with the door ajar or sitting in on the session. 
They really don't play any part in the actual therapy. 

Teenagers over 16 years may attend the session(s) without their parent or guardian being present.

Most children attend 4 to 8 sessions and the cost of an hours session is £50. 
Many respond well too in just one session, depending what the issue is.

The first session involves the child, parent(s) and Michael.
It is a time for establishing some trust and for Dr. Michael Millett and the child to identify what the problem is and what they want to do about it. The child really only wants to be in control of the thing they aren`t in control of and the therapy techniques that Michael introduces allows them to do that.

Just as with adults, it is important that the child wants to change and is willing to work with Michael. 

Some of the common areas that can be helped by hypnosis are: behavioural problems, anxieties, aggression, pain, bed wetting, thumb sucking, nightmares, school issues, asthma, coping with bullying, building confidence, nightmares, self-harming, death, divorce, new baby, pain with cancer and cancer treatment, learning difficulties, study habit, relationships, fear of the dentist, fear of vomiting, lots of other fears, and dealing with change.  

It is not being said that hypnosis is always successful, but in the substantial majority of cases the child achieves a satisfactory outcome. 

Children are sometimes given homework to do. This could involve learning a magic spell, keeping a reward chart or diary, drawing pictures or some other simple exercises. 
This is about empowering the child to help him or her SELF, and build confidence and the belief that they did most of the work in solving the problem themselves.

If you’re in doubt, have questions, or would like to talk specifically about your child just call Michael TODAY !

Therapy for Children Grantham

Child Hypnotherapy in Grantham
CD available for worldwide distribution and suitable for boys and girls aged 6-14 years.

Dr. Millett`s very popular CD recording for children is dedicated to Tamara, a young girl he worked with who was eight years old at the time.
Children are great discoverers. Given the opportunity, they are hungry and open to new learning.
They also enjoy responding to new ideas that are presented in a way that they can understand.

"Tamara" is available on CD and strengthens a child`s confidence in using their natural gifts and talents where they often feel they are victims to adults and their larger circumstances.
It is also a wonderful introduction to children`s inner work for the child and before further work that the child may undergo. Contact Michael to purchase.

Child Hypnotherapy Grantham

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Therapy for Children in Grantham

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