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Chakras are the spherical whirlpools in the etheric body, that act as transmitters and receivers of Energy drawing various forces and energies into the body. Because of their subtle character, they are not seen with the eyes, even with the help of supersensitive instruments, though resulting colours can be seen with the inner eye. They influence our physical activities through the function of our endocrine glands (glands of internal secretions, such as the thyroid). 
These glands effect our physical functioning, our mental equilibrium and emotional integrity.
When the energy enters into a chakra and is blocked, it will try to express itself through a psychological disassociation.
Whereas, if the energy is already in the chakra but expresses itself negatively, it eventually will be manifested through physical problems.
If there is harmony between mind, body, soul and spirit, the chakras run parallel, inducing and reinforcing each other. The various currents of energy must be in harmony both with each other and with the universe. 
When this is achieved, the person is at peace with the world and he or she will naturally draw towards them those people, situations and karma which are necessary for self-development.
In Elevated Therapy, I work with clearing and cleaning out the chakras and re-energising them to help with the area of life associated with that particular chakra or combination of chakras. Our ethereal body has got 7 basic chakras.

  • (Base Chakra or First Chakra)
    The function of this chakra determines our connection with the earth and material substance. It is found on the top of the genitals. It is referred to as the anchor of the spirit and is related to a substance (located along the spinal column), that keeps the body in shape and when it does not function, diseases appear and the body enters into a process of deterioration. This chakra is associated to sex. It is also the point of the human body where we find an intense energy that allows us to generate life. When it is greatly activated, the person will wish to satisfy his desire on that level.
    Once he achieves it the level of energy will recede. It possesses 4 petals. Positive characteristics: strength, invigorates the spirit, animates the enthusiasm, stimulates the nervous system, grants resistance, effort and constancy.                        The bad use results into a physical and moral decline.
  • (Sacral Chakra or Second Chakra)
    We find this on the top of the navel. It possesses 6 petals. Positive characteristics: it influences the nervous system and our temperature.
    It contributes to the perfect harmony of the body, the mind and the emotions. Bad use produces hysteria, or a search for experiences of intense pleasure or pain.
  • (Solar Plexus or Third Chakra)
    This is found on the mouth of the stomach. It possesses 10 petals. It influences the digestive system when all 10 petals are activated.
    It also controls the unconscious and illuminates the mind. It conveys tenderness, alerts initiatives and talents, and develops greatly the gift of prudence. Bad use results in the necessity to consume sugar, or in feelings of jealousy and the impossibility to say " NO".
  • (Heart Chakra or Fourth Chakra)
    It is found on the top of the heart. This chakra is responsible for compassion and love without egoism, also for consequences and judgements.
    It possesses 12 petals. When all the rays are active, it stimulates vitality and activity in the brain; it strengthens the glandular system and activates internal secretion.
    It conveys Divine Wisdom, stability, perseverance, mental patience and equilibrium, or pleasure. Bad use results in lack of equilibrium, sensations of emptiness, and the person can become prejudiced.
  • (Throat Chakra or Fifth Chakra)
    This is found around the throat and influences expression and communication, the inner ear and telepathy. It has 16 petals. Governs the thyroid, the bronchial and vocal system, the lungs, the nutrition channel and the internal ear (clairvoyance). This is responsible for acquiring youthfulness and long life. Related to physical levels, it might cause vertigo, anaemia, allergies, fatigue and asthma.
  • (The Third Eye or Sixth Chakra)
    This is located between the two eyes. It has two compound divisions, each one with 48 petals, i.e., in total 96. This centre belongs to the spiritual world. In the physical body the third eye governs the "pituitary" gland, the left brain, the left eye, the ears, the nose and, in general, the nervous system. When all the rays are activated, the person develops ideas of dignity, grandeur, veneration and delicate feelings awake in him, producing a positive clairvoyance.                                        This awakening causes the evolution of the spirit. The lack of equilibrium will cause the person to become illogical, or too much of an intellectual, or absent-minded or forgetful or with fear for the future.
  • (Crown Chakra or Seventh Chakra)
    This is found in the superior part of the head. It has thousands of petals in which Divinity is amply manifested. Man becomes identified with his innermost. It does not enter into function unless the individual has gone through conscientious spiritual work. It is a chakra that works with high velocity until it covers the superior part of the head and, in some cases, a golden aura may be seen. When all the rays are activated, the individual for the first time understands that creation has no limits and we are all one.

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