PsyCard Counselling Session

1 Hour Counselling Session with Dr Michael G Millett using PsyCards 


In celebration of Elevated Therapy`s 14th Birthday on September the 1st, 2009 "The Ivory Anniversary" -
I am making this service available to all clients.

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I have been reading PsyCards for years for friends and family and for myself.

PsyCards are a system of symbolic pictures in card form which can assist an individual to know him or herself better and to help them find direction in their personal life or business life.
The cards meanings may be interpreted in different ways depending on the theme of our session. 
They can help tell you what you need to know about the unknown stumbling blocks in your way, and the best way to attain a more positive outcome.

PsyCards were developed and designed during 1981–1982 by Nick Hobson, and illustrated by Maggie Kneen, a British illustrator and student of Anglo-Saxon and Celtic art, decoration, and symbolism.
The cards' archetypal images are based upon the collective unconscious, a term of analytical psychology coined by Carl Gustav Jung, who believed that mankind shared a collective consciousness, wherein these universal images and ideas existed and expressed themselves within all of society and cultures. 
It is the product of ancestral experience and contains such concepts as science, religion, and morality.

Therefore, Psycards use some elements of Tarot but draw on 20th century psychology and ancient story fable and myth. They lack the occult overtones that many find objectionable and embody a more contemporary, Jungian-symbolism-like approach to the delivery of readings. 

There are just 40 cards with 40 key symbols that govern our psychology which are divided into groups:
the first card represents the Inquirer. The second through fifth cards are called The Four Direction cards because they point to or from a course of action. They are the Yes, No, Now and Later Cards. 
The remaining 35 cards are divided into groups of seven each. The first grouping is called The Seven Fundamentals. It describes the areas of our lives that are common to everyone. The Body, The Home and Money are some of the cards in this group. 
The second grouping is the Seven Archetypes. The Father, The Mother, and The Libido are in the group.
The third group is The Seven Symbols. It portrays symbols that stand for the key qualities that are called for in different situations. This group has cards that are very similar to Tarot cards. The Stars, The Tower, and The Wheel are in this group as well as The Tree and The Scales
The fourth group is The Seven Characters. This group represents aspects of our own personalities and those around us. Here we find the people cards, including a few Tarot-like cards such as The Fool and The Sage, as well as The Beauty, The Liar  and The Stranger
The fifth grouping is The Seven Happenings. These are the events that suddenly transform our lives.
The Message, The Voyage,
and The Prison are in this grouping.

Within our counselling session, through focus they allow you to reach your inner voice, to reach your true feelings, thoughts and concerns more easily. They present certain human experiences and psychological qualities in a clear, direct manner. Psycards have proven to be reliable, effective and engaging.

So my purpose in using them within a counseling medium is as an aid to help you easily gain insight into yourself, your feelings, emotions, motivations and your own psychology. 
This can help you make better complex personal decisions, understand your needs more and become alert to the exciting possibilities in your life and to those of the people closest to you. 

I don't claim to be a common fortune teller, nor a mind reader, but as a qualified and licensed psychotherapist and also guided by spirit, my aim is to empower you through knowledge, reduce confusion and guide you on your journey in a more happy and positive way through our PsyCard Counselling Session.

Leading perhaps to a greater understanding to your life and possibly a new focus and direction for you based on a greater understanding and choice or change.

This in-person hour session is at the usual therapy session 1 hour charge of £60

Contact Michael by telephone on 0333 121 0788 or 01476 568800 
(Saturday and Sunday Appointments as well).

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Michael makes no claims of being able to tell the present or predict future circumstances for anyone - he just explores a difficulty or situation or perhaps a dissatisfaction with life you may be experiencing in your current circumstances. Then using PsyCards, he interprets together with you and reads what the cards suggest are possiblities. All readings should be taken as indication given for consideration and not absolute truth.
The interpretation of the reading and interaction is the responsibility of yourself only.

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