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Michelle Beaudry`s two hypnosis instruction manuals are available for you here now from this web site in pdf format at a cost of $20 US each.
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Written and published by Michelle Beaudry, board certified clinical hypnotist, member of the National Guild of Hypnotists and the Hypnosis Education Association in the United States of America.

Michelle`s practice is in the Orlando, Florida area and we welcome her and her great works here to Elevated Therapy International. 

Michelle says "I am delighted to have my work featured on the Elevated Therapy International web site out of London and encourage all working hypnotherapists to upgrade their toolkits with my new techniques, "The Forgiveness Pyramid" and "The Spa of Your Inner Mind."  

The Forgiveness Pyramid by Michelle Beaudry


The Forgiveness Pyramid teaches you how to release a lifetime of accumulated emotional garbage in oh, forty minutes. 

You proceed in steps from the easiest to the toughest, ergo a Pyramid. This means that by the time your get to the tough work, you know the procedure and can concentrate on complete forgiveness where it most counts.

Learn the benefits of forgiveness, such as empowerment, healing, and living fully in the present. Learn that forgiveness is for your benefit. Make no mistake here, we forgive others and ourselves for the most selfish of reasons: to take back our power from the past in the name of the future we deserve. 

This 120 page ebook includes a primer, a sample session, plus instruction on induction, deepening, self hypnosis the easiest way, and regression to cause. The largest chapter is Options and Tips, which teaches multiple ways to get to 100% forgiveness with anyone. Learn the best methods of doing forgiveness work using choices, percentages, privacy, vague language, etc. Learn one method to forgive individuals, another for events.  $20.  

The Spa of Your Inner Mind by Michelle Beaudry


The Spa of Your Inner Mind teaches you how to use unguided imagery to process change in real time using the native language of the subconscious mind:  images and emotions. The Spa is an imaginary resort of healing rooms inside of which you undertake tasks specified in the room's name, e.g., Healing, Detoxification, Insight, Meet Your Fat Cells, Consultation with Guides, Balance Room for Parts, etc. Each healing visit to a Spa room is different, and no two people have the same experience in any room.                                            

Learn how to construct a Spa, how to create rooms for specific issues, and how to do the Spa for groups. Learn why unguided imagery processes change better than guided. Learn which Spa rooms have proven consistently beneficial and why. 

This 146 page ebook includes a primer, sample session, list of rooms, plus instruction on induction, deepening, self hypnosis the easiest way, regression, neutralizing verbal abuse, and upgrades.

The Spa of Your Inner Mind was highly acclaimed as an experiential seminar at the 2006 and 2005 National Guild of Hypnotists conventions in the US.  $20.

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