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Elevated Therapy is also a major private holistic counselling, psychotherapy, hypnotherapy and advice service for lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, not-quite-straight and transgender people in-person in Grantham and via email and Skype and telephone throughout the UK and worldwide.
Elevated Therapy was established in 1995 offering therapy, counselling and spiritual ways of working for individuals, couples and families and has been helping members of the gay public, their friends and families since that time.
Elevated Therapy is also a Registered Practice with the Stop & Think Project for HIV Positive PeopleGay Counselling London

Dr. Michael G  Millett`s professional practice (Elevated Therapy International) is Gay, Lesbian and Transgender affirmative and based in Dudley Road, Grantham, Lincolnshire for you to visit.
Tel: 01476 568800 or 0333 121 0788 (Local call rate line anywhere in the UK) (International Phone Numbers in Ireland, USA and Australia) or by Skype or Gay Therapy Nottingham him. 

Gay Therapy GranthamVisit the main Elevated Therapy International web site for Directions, Session Fees, Appointments, Types of Work including hypnotherapy, past life regression, energy therapy and much more as well as Information about Dr. Michael G Millett. 

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“What is "G.e.t. Support" through counselling and therapy with Michael and what can it do for me?”
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Some gay, bisexual or transgender people like everyone else look for counselling and or therapy when they want some private time to talk about and explore areas of difficulty or concern in their lives and address these issues and move on. This may include relationship struggles, relationship changes, abuse of one sort or another, the effects of health issues, losses, anxiety, identity issues, depression or any other concerns which people may generally have. 

If you are gay, lesbian or transgender - Michael`s professional counselling and therapy through "G.e.t. Support" can help you manage and deal with these problems and issues, release them if appropriate and move forward. He will also work to understand not only your concerns, but also your underlying thoughts and feelings and assist you in identifying issues and patterns that may be no longer useful in your life and if appropriate move to replace them with new ways of looking at yourself and life too and establish positive change for you. Michael is acknowledged as one of the top professional therapist`s in the field of mind body medicine in the UK and uses some of the most powerful and important inner healing and transformational therapeutic practices and techniques for healing the body, mind, and spirit. So whatever your issues are - Elevated Therapy and Michael can help you either in person or by phone or Skype.

Through "G.e.t. Support" a service from Elevated Therapy, if appropriate Michael helps you to heal the wounds left from earlier periods in your life. Indeed, we all are impacted by the influences of our childhood, society, and the world around us. Our lives consist of a series of experiences that result in how we currently perceive the world. At some point in our lives, these perceptions can become very painful and outdated and are no longer useful to us. In fact, these old perceptions can stand in the way of our personal growth and prohibit us from moving forward and may block our ability to fully understand ourselves and our relationships with others.

Michael`s work is a system of health care which fosters a co-operative relationship with you and where you ultimately take responsibility for your life. This leads towards optimal attainment of the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of health and being. Throughout the work, Michael will also encourage you to distinguish your own wishes and feelings from attitudes you may have inherited from others and look at you as a whole person, including the physical, emotional, social, spiritual and your lifestyle values as well. 

Michael may also ask: what do you truly think and feel in contrast to what you may believe you ought to think and feel? Once you are clear about where you stand, you will find yourself with more energy to make changes. Michael will help you with these and if necessary develop an action plan and he will encourage you to persist in achieving your goals and develop yourself on every level.

Michael`s work (Elevated Therapy) encompasses all psychological, therapeutic and spiritual modalities which you can see throughout the Elevated Therapy International web site. Please browse around!
Elevated Therapy also focuses on education and responsibility for your own personal efforts to achieve balance and well being too. 


Tel: 01476 568800 / 0333 121 0788

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