Happy Ivory Anniversary Elevated Therapy

Elevated Therapy`s 14th (Ivory) Birthday on 1st of September, 2009.

Ivory is a symbol of chastity, opulence and virtue since very early in history. 
The Elephant is the totem of the greatest of warriors, denoting ancient power, royalty, inner strength and nobility.
It is the Strength of the Feminine: The Child, the Woman, and the Wise Woman (Matriarchal Head of Family).
It is about the Importance of Family, Fertility and Sexual Power.

Congratulations and Happy Birthday to your work Michael. I was one of your first clients all those years ago in that beautiful therapy room. Here is to the next 14 !!!
Lots of Love and Light to you. Barbs xxx

Barbara, London. England

It was a happy 'accident' the day I found Elevated Therapy....
Like-minded people, fabulous energy, inspiring stories and shared modalities.
This is a site where people's hearts are radiating love...in a time when many are protecting themselves and operating in the reverse flow...Elevated Therapy and the friends that Michael has joined together are a welcome blessing. Happy 14th year!

:)  Shirley, Ontario. Canada

Love this website and all the great information available to read.
Have it Bookmarked for years and am a regular visitor!
Happy 14th.

Steve, Corby, Northants. England

Happy 14th Birthday Elevated Therapy from a newcomer in Ireland.

Ger, Dublin. Ireland

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
I remember our wonderful work together last year.
Thank you so very much Michael.

Freda, Gerabronn. Germany

Have followed your work for years Michael.
Happy Anniversary to your excellent work and warm and colorful website.

James, New York. United States

Cothrom an lae shona duit!

Mary, London. England

To Dearest Michael, 

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to you… 

I just sang that out loud…
Lots of Love to Elevated Therapy… 

Mary x

Mary, Dublin. Ireland

Hola amigo!!!
Dear Michael, Very Happy Birthday to Elevated Therapy International.
When I look at the photos of your house and room, it brings to mind some memories and pleasant sensations because this room is very warm and conforting and I would stay there and not go.
I feel very much affection and gratitude for all your help and you are a very beautiful human being.
A brotherly hug to you.

Julia, Santiago. Chile

Have fab Anniversary celebrations for Elevated Therapy over there in London. 

Appreciate the great results we achieved together.

Dean, Sydney. Australia

What a lovely idea! 
Really enjoy this energy.

Happy Ivory.

Simone, London. England

Happy Anniversary

Miriam, Tel Aviv. Israel

Best Wishes to you and your 
therapy work Michael. 

Well done.

Richard, California. United States

All the very best Michael as always.

Jenny, Middlesex. England

Congratulations to Elevated Therapy from your grateful friends in Cork. 

Jo, Pat, Liam and Anthony.
 Cork. Ireland

Elevated Therapy.

The Brightest Light I know of ...

Congratulations on another wonderful year of helping people.

I am grateful I creatively played a part.

Niall, London. England

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